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Nexenture is an award-winning website development business specializing in developing unique web applications for startups, SMBs, and influential organizations. Since 2005, we have been producing high-quality web apps for various business disciplines to accelerate corporate transformation. We can create futuristic, conversion-driven, and highly optimized solutions that offer an outstanding user experience using cutting-edge technological frameworks, APIs, and databases.

Our Suite of Web Application Development Services

As a reputable web application development firm, we are devoted to assisting businesses in growing and differentiating themselves in their markets. Our devoted team of software architects, developers, testers, project managers, and quality assurance professionals works tirelessly to provide a high-quality service on a timely basis. Consider the following diverse range of services:

Development of Web Portals

We are adept at developing user-centric web portals that effortlessly integrate superior features and high-end functionality. Our customized online destinations reflect the aesthetics of each business and inspire consumers to engage with the site.

Development of Enterprise Applications

We have shown competence in developing enterprise-grade apps that are both strong and secure. Our scalable web applications can adapt to changing market conditions and help your organization grow. We guarantee a shorter time to market to provide you with a competitive advantage.

Development of Ecommerce Websites

Our professional web developers can assist you in developing B2B and B2C online stores, as well as multi-vendor marketplaces. We provide complete eCommerce website development services, from concept through execution and performance optimization.

Business Solutions Tailored to Specific Industries

Our business solutions enable you to overcome industry-specific obstacles and differentiate yourself from the competition from healthcare to retail, education to entertainment. Utilize our industry-leading experience to create a high-quality solution at a reasonable price.

Development of SPAs

We are capable of developing dynamic single-page apps with a scalable design. Our online apps are geared for current consumers' expectations, from fast loading times to an immersive web experience and cross-browser responsiveness.

Development of Progressive Web Apps

Contact us to develop lightweight, user-friendly, and secure Progressive Web Applications that include various features such as push notification, offline access, and smooth performance across a variety of browsers and devices. We follow Google's progressiveness policy.

A Glimpse of Our Works

Development of Full-Stack Web Applications

We have an in-depth understanding of the cutting-edge technology necessary to develop a business-centric web application.
Consider our technological skills in facilitating the construction of complex full-stack web applications:

Custom Web Application Development - The Process We Use

Before beginning, our web developers do an in-depth investigation of your requirements, target audience, and competition.


We design a wireframe outlining critical features of the application interface after gaining sufficient insight into your requirements.

Development of Applications

Following approval of the design, we begin the application development process. We will design a front-end and back-end with all necessary features integrated.

Assurance de la qualite

Our stringent QA process ensures that your application is always user-friendly, secure, and smooth.


Once the web application is complete, the following step is to deploy it to the internet environment. In this manner, you avoid any inconvenience.

Assistance & Maintenance

We go above and beyond to ensure that your online application is always safe and user-friendly. You may always contact us for maintenance and assistance of any type.

Support & Maintenance

We take the extra mile to keep your web app secured and user-friendly at all time. You can always reach us for any kind of maintenance and support.

Integration with Premium Third-Party APIs

With our dependable third-party API connection solution, you can take another step toward digitalization by streamlining your business processes and improving the user experience on your online application. Among the notable APIs, we integrate are the following:

  •   Amazon S3 API in conjunction with CloudFront
  •   API for Google Maps
  •   Twilio API for SMS and Video
  •   API for SMS and Calls from Exotel
  •   Zoom Webinar - API for video
  •   API enabled
  •   Browser Compatibility Testing
  •   Security Testing
  •   Load Testing

Web Application Maintenance and Support

We provide cost-effective and timely web application maintenance. Consider the help and services we provide.

  •   Enhancement of an application's usability
  •   Database Optimization Through Usability Testing
  •   Hosting for Usability Testing Migration & Assistance
  •   Testing for Usability and Code Review & Optimization
  •   Upgrade to the latest version of usability testing
  •   To Adding Security Features During Usability Testing
  •   Testing for Usability
  •   Correction of Errors/Bugs
  •   Backup/Restore Usability Testing


Why Choose Us for Web Application Development

On-Time and Within Budget

Our timeliness and affordability make us an excellent option for our customers.

The Most Recent Technologies

Our skilled developers keep current and entirely up to speed on the newest developments.

Uninterrupted Communication

From the proposal until project sign-off, the project managers maintain contact with you.

Warranty & Customer Support

We stand behind our services for bug fixes and any other difficulties that may arise.

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